A day at the haunted house

August 2018

After many months of planning, designing, re-working and often starting all over again, we finally had an exciting few weeks photographing a long-awaited upholstery collection ready for an Autumn launch.

The highlight was a day's shoot we had at Woodchester Mansion near Tetbury – a fabulous Gothic building, steeped in mystery and with the most spectacular architectural details. It seemed like the perfect backdrop for our furniture and we had great fun styling the rooms around our pieces.

We spent the day in the company of many bats, and there was great excitement, intrigue and fear amongst the team when we came across the Bat Man in a quiet corridor! As bats are endangered species, we learned that he visits the house regularly to document, measure, count and weigh the resident bats! What we didn't realise until we'd left – and what was perhaps a blessing – was that Woodchester Mansion is renowned to be one of the most haunted houses in the UK! We had to be out of the house by 6pm, and we found out later that it was because there was a paranormal group and a séance due in that evening...