Our Office Summer Day Out at Go Ape

September 2019

Whilst the rest of Europe was on a general shut-down, we took advantage of the temporary calm, and went on our summer day out. Keen to get out of our carefully schemed and designed comfort zones, we decided to "Go Ape". We got on the train down to Farnham, wearing our best leggings and nervously clutching our take-away coffee cups. Once there, we got harnessed up and taken through the safety procedures (which rattled more nerves than it calmed!). Providing that we knew which clip went on which wire, we were finally off on our own, and so, on shaky legs we swung between trees, climbed up wobbly rope-ladders and balanced on thin wires. Terrified at first, we grew more confident with each obstacle, and soon we were screeching from a mix of fear and excitement as we did the final 'Tarzan swing'. Having gone around four of the courses we got out of our gear and headed straight for the pub where we had a huge lunch and what can only be described as goblets of G&T's. We returned to London, proud of our achievements and more than a little relieved to go home, arms and legs still intact. What a day!